safety first.

Safety First

There are many times I can write about feeling unsafe that are true but the one that is most recent comes to my head.

The car in front of us stopped without warning. There was no way to get over to the other lane. I knew we would hit them. I cringed inside as I told my boyfriend to please slow down. He turned the car so we only hit her with one side of his car. His car and the car in front of us colliding made a loud bang. My cell phone fell to the floor. My sweet tea fell all over my body and I bite my lip hard. It was total silence after. I quickly asked if my boyfriend was ok. He nodded and we drove over to a parking lot to park. The person hit followed in our suite. She was mad and yelled before saying she was going to call the police. I was still shaken up from the impact of the cars hitting. Why was she trying to go across double yellows in the first place? 



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