“New year, new me” are four words that have filled my Facebook, Twitter and even E-mail.  I’m not sure waiting for a new year to try to accomplish your goals is a great choice, but I do believe that whatever goal you set if you begin on a Sunday or Monday (the beginning of the week) are more likely to hold yourself to that goal; at least for a while. I didn’t have my mind set on any resolution for this year. I have been focusing on small goals and the little things lately like drinking water more, actually exercising and OH YEAH, getting into GRADUATE SCHOOL FOR MY MASTERS IN SPECIAL EDUCATION to further my education in a career I love.

I brought in the new year with my dog, Bolt, and my fiancé Ben. He laughed as I fell asleep right at 12:05am. That time was big for me, because I normally fall asleep between 9-10pm with a book in my hand, but at the same time I wake up in the morning at 6am no matter what day.

This year has a lot of important moments, and changes. I am very excited about what the year 2017 holds for me for my life.

I have 21 days until my first day of graduate school begins.

I have 62 days until I marry my best friend.

I hope to respond to more prompts here than last year (That goal is one that won’t be too hard. Fingers crossed, I won’t totally slack).

Happy New Year!